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Metamorphoses projectMetamorphoses projectMetamorphoses projectMetamorphoses project

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Partners & Stakeholders


Our Partners

Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project


ESME is a private, non-profit higher education institution located in Paris. The school has over a century of experience in training engineers and delivering the French Diploma of Engineering.

ESME - École d'ingénieurs

Ensemble San Felice

The Ensemble San Felice is a vocal and instrumental group of early music directed by Federico Bardazzi and since 2009 has been constituted as a cultural association whose main purpose is to promote and organise high-level cultural events, musical events and artistic projects for the dissemination of musical knowledge, especially early and classical music.

Giunti Psychometrics

Giunti PSYCHOMETRICS operates in the sector of psychological assessment, vocational education and training, multimedia and e-learning.

Address: Borgo Ognissanti, 42

50123 Firenze, Italy
Web: ensemblesanfelice.com 

Address: Fra Paolo Sarpi 7/a, Firenze, Italy
Web: giuntipsy.it

Address: 38 Rue Molière, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Web: esme.fr

Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project

Grame, Centre national de création musicale

GRAME is a leading European center for contemporary and digital music creation. Its activities range from music creation and diffusion of artistic works, to research in the field of sound and music computing. The research activities cover areas related to the description, representation and implementation of realtime sound and music computations.

Hellenic Opera Corporation

Hellinic Opera Corporation is an opera company based in Greece and the largest private opera producer in the regio, under the artistic direction of Philip Modinos. HOC is experienced in putting on big productions as well as creating elaborate training programs. Furthermore, there is adequate experience in the use of technology for live performances, TV & film, as well as within a web development context.

Fundacja Akademia Muzyki Dawnej

Fundacja Akademia Muzyki Dawnej organize and support cultural, scientific, training and artistic events that promote the heritage of European music. The repertoire of the group directed by Paweł Osuchowski focuses on musical masterpieces created over three eras: from Baroque, through Sturm und Drang, enlightenment and classicism into the music of the 19th century. 

Address: 26 rue Emile Decorps

69100 Villeurbanne, France
Web: grame.fr 

Address: Greece
Web: hellenicoperaco.weebly.com

Address: Poland
Web: famd.pl 

Metamorphoses project

Promusica Malaga

The Promúsica de Málaga Orchestral Project is an orchestral training program for young string instrumentalists designed and directed by the Malaga violinist and pedagogue Javier Claudio Portales. The Project is made up of three young orchestras of different levels and ages: Children's Orchestra, Youth Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra.

Address: Pasaje de los Gladiolos 47, 29013, Málaga, Spain
Web: orquestapromusica.com

Our Stakeholders

Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project


Address: 37 rue Neuville sur Saone, France

Web: harmoniedeneuville.fr



Cefedem AuRA

Address: 14 Rue Palais Grillet, 69002 Lyon, France

Web: cefedem-aura.org


Address: 121a rue de Montagny, 69008 Lyon, France

Web: liratransalpina.altervista.org

Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project
Metamorphoses project


Address: Via Realdo Colombo, 1, 26100 Cremona, Italy

Web: conscremona.it

École Nationale de Musique et d'Art Dramatique de Villeurbanne

Address: 46, cours de la République

69100 Villeurbanne

Web: enm-villeurbanne.fr

Opera Network

Address: Viale Eleonora Duse, 12
I-50137 Firenze

Web: operanetwork.net

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